Holiday Rib Roast

Starts at $169.99/per item
Whole 17-19 lbs and half 8.5-10 lbs

Filet Steaks

Starts at $75.99/per case 
4-5 count, 6-8 oz filets

Top Sirloin Steak – 8oz

Starts at $25.85/per case
4 count

Ribeye Steak

Starts at $59.99/per case
4 count, 12-16 oz

New York Strip – 12oz

Starts at $69.50/per case 
4 count

Beef Short Ribs, Gourmet

$58.45/per case 
5 count, 12-14 oz cuts

Tri Tip USDA Choice

$89.50/per case
3 count, 2.75 lbs – 3.5 lbs

Short Ribs Asian Style Kalbi, Hand Trimmed

$53.50/per case 
4 count, 1 lb. packages


Lamb Racks, Frenched Rack

$87.50/per case 
2 count, 2 lb racks

Lamb Hind Shanks, Domestic

$75/per case
6 count, 1.8 – 2 lb shanks


Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs

$59.95/per case 
3 count, approximately 3 lb. cuts

Pork Chop, Frenched

$34.50/per case
6 count, 10 oz chops

Boneless Pork Shoulder

$53.85/per case 
3 count, 3 lb shoulders

Poultry Products

Chicken Breast, Boneless & Skinless

$25.00/per case
10 count, 1 breast per vacuum bag

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