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An expertly aged, masterfully cut steak is a sensory experience, not just another item on the menu.

Beef is our specialty. Our cattle are fed a superior diet rich in Midwestern corn initiating marbling and complemented by proper aging to produce the most tender, best-tasting beef. Our experienced butchers have a keen sense and deep understanding of how to properly cut steaks.


  • USDA Prime
  • USDA Choice
  • Black Angus
  • Upper 2/3 Choice Angus
  • Local California Grown
  • Australian Wagyu
  • Grass Fed
  • Never Ever (no hormones or antibiotics; ever)
  • Varying box sizes to fit your packaging needs
  • Multiple Cryo-vac machines with custom pack options for ease of food prep and to maximize shelf life

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What Makes Us Different



We are a company that produces branded High Choice Beef, Prime Grade Steaks, high-quality ground beef patties, and chops for the last 35 years. Our focus is on continuous process improvement, consistency of our products, and exceptional communication. Ideal Meats provides the type of support that helps our partners succeed.



We are the 'Ideal Center of the Plate' processing and distribution partner for Southern California foodservice markets. We supply beef, chicken, pork, and other meat products to restaurants and individuals in the greater Los Angeles area! By partnering with outstanding packers and suppliers, we're able to provide quality meat at an affordable rate!



Our team is composed of professional steak cutters, ground beef processors, and business operators with over 100 combined years of experience in the meat industry. Our mission is to source, produce, and distribute the highest quality meats and center of the plate protein items for our customers.

The Steak Cuts You Crave

For a complete list of our product offerings, please give us a call or message us here. Ideal Meats is ready to provide you with fast turn around service on your protein orders. We are a proud supplier of filet mignon, Angus beef, Wagyu, chops and pork, poultry, lamb, deli-meats, and many other product offerings all over the greater Los Angeles area. We hope to be your next premier protein supplier, and stand proudly behind the superiority of the products we offer and the services we provide.

Do you need a specialty cut? Just ask us, we can source what you are looking for. 

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